Now it's going to be cleaned up!

No more chaotic inner cities - we mean; even scooters deserve a parking space!
With our innovative Dock-Lock-Charge concept, we offer modern city centers and e-scooter rentals a better future.

  • 100% available - the E-Scooter is always charged during parking

  • 100% safe - protected against vandalism and weather

  • 100% easy - thanks to the dock, lock & charge system, the scooter is wirelessly supplied with power, so there is no annoying and often incorrect "plugging in"

  • 100% flexible - a good infrastructure in the city center, through the use of street lighting as a power supplier, invites you to return it in an orderly manner.

  • 100% committed - the deposit system ensures that most scooters end up in the parking stations when they are returned

Further information can be found in the application area

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