Charging time is shopping time!

Or, how to increase your sales.

We offer e-bike charging stations for bricks-and-mortar retailing

Increased sales, improved image and competitive advantages -
E-bike charging stations for smart shopping!

E-bikes are being used by more and more people as an environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative to the car. By installing charging stations near their shop, retailers have a great opportunity to reach out to potential customers. Find out on this page what advantages e-bike charging stations offer retailers and how they can help increase sales and improve your image.

But don’t just offer any e-bike charging station to your customers,
offer the best charging station!

Our LiON Box is universal. It is equipped with various charging plugs and thus covers around 95 % of the e-bike batteries used in Germany (A+CH).

The customer can connect his electric bike directly and does not need to bring his own charger or an additional cable – this offers maximum convenience and is easy to use!

You can see how good the LiON Box also looks in other designs in some of our reference projects!
The LiON Box is so compact!

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What are the advantages of LiON Box charging stations for brick-and-mortar retailers such as shops and shopping centres?

We are convinced that retailers should focus on e-bike charging stations as they offer a variety of benefits.
E-bike charging boxes help to improve customer loyalty, increase customer footfall, improve the image of the shop, increase sales and gain a competitive advantage.
With the growing trend towards environmentally friendly mobility solutions such as pedelecs, the use of charging stations offers a great opportunity to attract potential customers and promote your business.

E-Bike-Ladestationen: Der neue Trend im stationären Handel

Advantages of e-bike charging stations in brick-and-mortar stores

Sales increase:

Customers who can charge their electric bike close to your shop will tend to stay around longer while waiting for their e-bike to charge. This gives them more time and opportunity to do their shopping in your shop.

In addition, charging stations for pedelecs can also target e-bike riders who are looking for charging options near shops. If your shop offers a charging box, you can thus address a target group that is environmentally friendly on the road and is usually also willing to spend more money.


Increased customer frequency:

By installing charging stations for e-bikes near your shop, you will also attract e-bike riders who are specifically looking for such charging stations. This can lead to an increase in customer frequency in your area and thus to an increase in your turnover.

Active environmental protection:

The providing of charging stations for electric bikes can be seen as active environmental protection. By offering e-bike charging stations, retailers actively contribute to promoting e-bikes as an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. Compared to cars, the use of pedelecs causes less CO2 emissions and thus contributes to climate protection.

By setting up charging stations for e-bikes, retailers can also make their commitment to environmental protection clear to the outside world and in this way gain an image boost for their own business. Environmentally conscious customers will be more willing to shop in a shop that is also committed to environmental protection and thus improves the quality of life in the city.

With an excellent efficiency of 94 % and a stand-by power of less than 1 watt, this is further underlined by the LiON Box.

Increased customer loyalty:

If customers can charge their e-bikes at charging stations not far from your shop, they will stay longer in the vicinity. This increases the chance that they will also shop in your shop.
Offer your customers a convenient and safe way to charge their e-bike at your location with the LiON Box.

Competitive advantage:

If you offer charging stations for e-bikes and other shops in the area do not, you can stand out from your competitors in this way and gain a competitive advantage!

Improved image:

By installing charging facilities for e-bikes, you as a retailer show that you care about your customers’ needs and the environment. This can contribute to a more positive customer image.

You can also use the LiON Box charging station in your public relations work, e.g. in advertisements, social media posts and other marketing materials to present your business as environmentally friendly and future-oriented.
We are happy to support your marketing by designing the LiON Box according to your wishes.


In summary, e-bike charging stations are a good way for retailers to gain competitive advantage.

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Products for brick-and-mortar stores

Universal charging stations

Product highlights:

  • Flexibly configurable e-bike charging box for direct charging of various 36 V battery systems
  • Robust wall-mounted housing made of plastic
  • Available with one or two charging points, plus additional integrated 230 V Schuko socket
  • Up to 95% of the batteries used in D-A-CH can be connected directly to the LiON Box Max, without a separate charger or extra cable
  • Fast charging with 4 amps
  • Technology-leading charging efficiency of 94 %
  • Comprehensive protection circuits for safe operation
  • Automatic pre-charge mode for discharged batteries
  • Automatic cut-off protects the battery when maximum charge is reached

Robust charging stands

The weatherproof and solid parking and charging systems from ONgineer allow simultaneous charging for 1 to 3 e-bikes.

Quickly placed at the desired location and firmly screwed (or set in concrete), they stand securely in place.

The boxes are customisable!

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Here you will find your perfect LiON - as a set or with additional cable!

The LiON can charge most e-bike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

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Der LiON kann mit entsprechendem Kabelsatz die meisten E-Bike Akkusysteme laden: