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Basic information about the LiON Smart Charger 36 V

LiON Smart Charger 36 V
The fast travel charger for e-bikes and scooters

small yet powerful

The LiON - finally a charger that fits comfortably
in every pocket, so you can charge quickly even when you're on the move!

Perfect for on the road

Thanks to its rounded and compact shape, the LiON can be placed in even the smallest pocket, leaving more space for important items.

Small and lightweight

The LiON travel charger is around four times smaller and three times lighter than comparable standard 4 amp [A] chargers.

Smooth and quiet

Unlike some other chargers, the LiON does not need a fan – so you can sleep well even when you’re on the move.

Technical data

The LiON - great from all sides

Technical data

Mains voltage[V]220...240
Mains frequency[Hz]50-60
Input current[A]0,78
Temperature range[°C]-5 ... +40
Charging current[A]0,5 ... 4
System charging voltage[V dc]36
End-of-charge voltage[V dc]42
Power density[W/in³]6,8

Weights & Measures




Why a printer port?!

Admittedly, the shape of the plug and socket seems unusual, but this connection has the great technical advantage of many “pins”, which are absolutely necessary for coding the information (the type of battery and the cable connected to the LiON). So only one version of the LiON is needed to charge a variety of different batteries!
Attention: the plug looks like an old “printer cable”, but it is not! This is important because you cannot extend the LiON cables! The LiON cables are designed for a much higher current.

ONgineer GmbH

Only one charger left for many e-bikes & scooters

Here you will find your perfect LiON - as a set or with additional cable!

The LiON can charge most e-bike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

ONgineer GmbH

Nur noch ein Ladegerät für
viele E-Bikes & Scooter

Hier findest du deinen perfekten LiON - als Set oder mit Zusatzkabel!
Der LiON kann mit entsprechendem Kabelsatz die meisten E-Bike Akkusysteme laden:

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