LiON Dock - The stand system

Solid, weatherproof and flexible

Just docked!
The stand system & charging station for e-bikes

LiON Dock
the standsystem for e-bikes

• 1 full charging point
• 1 power socket
• 4 Amp quick charge
• No additional cables required
• Box with custom design

The filling station for e-bikes, mobile or stationary

Solid design with perfect charging technology

Simply docked! Robust design with perfect charging technology.

The stainless steel LiON Dock stand system allows two e-bikes (optionally up to four!) to be charged at the same time.
In addition to a stable parking option, it also offers a convenient and safe charging option for a wide variety of e-bikes while on the move.

The LiON Dock is the technically mature and robust solution for many areas such as shops, hotels and restaurants.

  • The user needs neither special charging cables nor his own charger
  • Mobile version for easy transport
  • Stationary version for setting in concrete
  • Mounting plate and imprint can be freely designed to suit your project!
LiON Dock stand system made of stainless steel
and LiON Box Max charging station for 2 electric bikes
LiON Dock E-Bike-Ladestation mit Ständersystem


  • Weatherproof stand system made of stainless steel (V2A)
  • Optional: powder coating in RAL colour of choice
  • Optional: mounting plate and loading box can be freely designed
  • Stationary version for dowelling or setting in concrete,
    wired ready for connection (connection from below)
  • Charging and parking facility for one or two e-bikes with 36 V battery system
  • Patented plug system allows up to four different battery types to be
    battery types on one box: e.g. BOSCH + Specialized + BMZ (BROSE, …) + Ansmann
  • Fast charging with 4 amps, perfect for your customers
  • With fixed cable or automatic cable retractor
  • Comprehensive protection circuits for safe operation
    (Over- and undervoltage protection, reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection,
    short-circuit protection, overtemperature protection)
  • Automatic pre-charge mode for discharged batteries
  • Protection of the battery by limiting the maximum charge

The LiON Dock stand system allows you to charge two e-bikes at the same time. In addition to a stable parking option, the LiON Dock shines with its extensive configuration options – so you can find the right charging cables for your clientele.
The LiON Dock is therefore a technically mature and robust solution for all semi-public areas such as shops, hotels and restaurants.

Ask us about your project now!

Technical data LiON Dock

Mains voltage[V]220...240
Mains frequency[Hz]50-60
Input current[A]0,78
Temperature range[°C]-5 ... +40
Charging current[A]4
System charging voltage[V dc]36
Charging end voltage[V dc]42
Power density[W/in³]6,8
Protection class[IP]43
Protection class II

Dimensions LiON Dock


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Only one charger left for many e-bikes & scooters

Here you will find your perfect LiON - as a set or with additional cable!

The LiON can charge most e-bike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

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