LiON Cage - for safe charging

Safe, fireproof and practical

The fireproof charging safe
with universal-compatible charging connection

LiON Cage die feuerfeste E-Bike Akku-Box und sichere Akkuladestation

LiON Cage
Fireproof for your business and your home

The LiON Cage offers safe charging, e.g. for your bike hotel, guesthouse or at mountain huts. It also charges your battery safely at home... and by the way, you can also safely store other batteries in it!
Charging with private chargers in the rooms has finally come to an end, because now you, your guests and employees can charge your e-bike battery in the fireproof LiON Cage. The charger is already integrated and 95 % of the e-bike battery market is covered via the corresponding cables!
Ensure proper handling of e-bike batteries and prevent fires with serious consequences. The LiON Cage is lined with non-flammable materials and has a cut-off after it is fully charged.

Stackable and universal!

Safe design

Secured like a safe, with a code lock, the LiON Cage protects the battery from theft and keeps the door securely closed in case of fire.


The LiON Cage prevents a battery fire from spreading to the surrounding area.


Around 95 % of all current battery systems are compatible with the LiON Cage. Suitable charging cables are available.


The modular design also allows the individual cages to be stacked on top of each other. Dimensions: width 505 mm, height 205 mm, depth 380 mm

LiON Cage die feuerfeste E-Bike Akku-Box und sichere Akkuladestation
ONgineer GmbH

Only one charger left for many e-bikes & scooters

Here you will find your perfect LiON - as a set or with additional cable!

The LiON can charge most e-bike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

ONgineer GmbH

Nur noch ein Ladegerät für
viele E-Bikes & Scooter

Hier findest du deinen perfekten LiON - als Set oder mit Zusatzkabel!
Der LiON kann mit entsprechendem Kabelsatz die meisten E-Bike Akkusysteme laden:

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