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Development services with a focus on power electronics,
sensor technology, wireless charging and micro-mobility

We offer you comprehensive and, above all, resilient test scenarios – benefit from our 30 years of experience in power electronics.
Our test reports are professionally prepared and immediately comprehensible. You can easily integrate content from them into your product presentations.

Do you work with bought-in parts? Are you thinking about new suppliers?
We will be happy to provide you with security through our verifying measurements!

We can do more than just measure - we create free spaces

With our comprehensive services, we see ourselves as a service provider for your developers – competent, fast and reliable.

State-of-the-art technologies always offer challenges; with our competences, the right testing equipment and a high degree of flexibility, we offer you and your projects security.

  • From prototype to series device – everything from a single source
  • we offer you all service areas around product development
  • strong interlocking of our teams delivers highest efficiency and faster solutions
  • Many years of competence and experience in the field of light and EMC
  • Working in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025

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We are your partner to successfully implement your product ideas!

We offer metrological services in the field of immunity, emitted interference,
environmental testing and reliability… documented in a simple, professional and easy to understand way.

Project-related services such as the creation of mock-ups and customer samples via 3D print, layout service (Pulsoninx, Altium and Pads), installation of laboratory test stations for automated measurement, PCB sample assembly.

ONservice – also means that we take on complete development services. Our focus here is on: Power electronics, sensor technology, wireless charging and micro-mobility.

Metrological and project support services

Project Supporting Services

  • Creation of mock-ups and customer samples via 3D print in the FDM Procedure (dual extrusion)
  • Layout Service Pulsonix, Altium and Pads
  • Construction of laboratory test stations for automated measurement of laboratory samples
  • DALI 2 Validation
  • EMV optimising layouts

PCB Sampling

  • Assembly of sample PCBs (1 - 50 pcs.) via manual and reflow soldering
  • Optional express service
  • Larger quantities possible in cooperation with qualified partners
  • Extensive SMD component stock of standard components available

Lighting services

Photometric measurements

  • Measuring the spatial luminous intensity distribution of luminaires according to EN 13032
  • Measuring absolute luminous fluxes of light sources according to EN 13032 (gross/net)

Spectral measurements

  • Testing of photobiological safety according to DIN EN 62471
  • Determination of the chromaticity coordinate (x/y coordinates in the CIE colour triangle) and the most similar colour temperature in Kelvin (CCT)
  • Determination of the colour rendering index Ra (CRI)
  • Flicker measurements according to IEEE 1789-2015
  • Transmittance measurements

Together strong for you!

With the perfectly matching service areas of EMC, photometry and spectrometry, ONgineer and ILUmetriX complement each other excellently, offering our customers independent and, above all, faster access to test results and the corresponding data for the required photometric measurements and EMC tests of luminaires.
required photometric measurements and EMC tests of luminaires.

Tailored to your requirements, we offer you a wide range of options:

  • Default-Services
  • Express-Services
  • Premium-on-Demand
  • Individual or blanket service
  • Tests, measurements and services tailored to your requirements

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The LiON can charge most e-bike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

Hier findest du deinen perfekten LiON - als Set oder mit Zusatzkabel!
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