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We offer e-bike charging stations for municipalities, public companies and energy suppliers.

Sustainable initiatives and potential additional revenue -
E-bike charging stations for a smart and environmentally conscious city!

The installation of e-bike charging stations in communities is an important step towards promoting sustainable mobility and environmental protection, but also a module for increasing commercial tax revenue and promoting tourism.
E-bikes, for example, are an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to conventional means of transport and allow users to charge their pedelecs conveniently and easily.

But don’t just offer any e-bike charging station,
offer the best charging stations in your local municipality!

Our LiON Box is universal. It is equipped with various charging plugs and thus covers around 95 % of the e-bike batteries used in Germany (A+CH).

The user connects his bike directly and does not need to bring his own charger or extra cable – this offers maximum convenience and is easy to use!

The Stadtwerke Schneeberg have used the LiON Box charging stations in a special way. Here, the user can borrow the charging cable directly from the neighbouring tourist information office in exchange for a deposit – so you can always get into conversation with your guests!
The LiON Box is so compact!

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Mitglied des BEM / Bundesverband für eMobilität
What are the advantages and opportunities of providing
LiON Box e-bike charging station in your municipality?

We are convinced that the use of e-bike charging boxes not only contributes to the promotion of sustainable mobility and environmental protection, but can also have positive economic and tourism effects. We would be happy to support you in implementing these benefits in your community as well.

Because overall, e-bike charging stations can help generate potential additional revenue, promote cycling and participate in sustainable initiatives.



Advantages of e-bike charging stations in the municipal sector

Promote sustainable mobility:

E-bike charging stations allow your citizens to use environmentally friendly electric bikes as an alternative to conventional transport, helping to promote sustainable mobility. It can also strengthen the sense of community in the municipality, which can help to improve relations between citizens and the municipality.

Increasing the attractiveness for cycle tourists:

Charging stations make it easier for cycle tourists to visit your city as they can conveniently charge their e-bikes. This makes your place more attractive for cycle tourists. Actively promoting pedelec tourism allows your guests to explore the area better and faster, and this improves their visit experience. Offer your guests a convenient and safe way to charge their electric bike in your place with the LiON Box.

Promoting innovation and actively protecting the environment:

The installation of e-bike charging stations in the municipality can contribute to the promotion of innovations and technologies in the field of sustainable mobility and environmental protection. In this way, electromobility and the use of renewable energies are actively supported. An important step on your way to becoming a sustainable and environmentally friendly municipality.

With an outstanding efficiency of 94 % and a stand-by power of less than 1 watt, this is further underlined by the LiON Box.


Increasing the length of stay:

Charging stations for electric bicycles can be a contribution to extending the length of stay of tourists in the place by enabling longer tours. But also locals often stay longer in your business centre if they can supply the battery of their bike with a little more energy.

Generating additional revenue through fees or partnerships

E-bike charging stations can generate additional revenue for the municipality through fees or partnerships with local businesses or energy providers, or at least offset the costs of operation and maintenance through fees or sponsorship from businesses, this contributes to financial stability.
We are happy to support you in this endeavour with our partners.

Improving health and well-being

By using electric bicycles, citizens can become more physically active, which can contribute to improving their health and well-being. The commitment of the municipality or the energy provider to health and environmentally friendly mobility shows how important the people living there are to them!

Positioning as a sustainable destination:

By installing e-bike charging stations, the municipality can position itself as an environmentally friendly and sustainable destination and increase the interest of environmentally conscious tourists, such as cycle tourists. Actively promote this area by setting up charging stations and thus provide an important infrastructure for e-bike tours.

Also use the LiON Box charging station in your public relations work such as press releases, social media posts and other marketing materials to present your municipality as environmentally friendly and future-oriented.
We are happy to support your marketing by designing the LiON Box according to your wishes.


Contribution to traffic relief:

An e-bike charging station can also contribute to traffic relief by encouraging the use of e-bikes as a means of transport for going to the authorities or shopping. Compared to cars, bikes have a smaller footprint and can be ridden on cycle paths or cycle lanes, helping to reduce traffic and improve the parking situation in your municipality.

As a rule of thumb, a single car parking space usually provides enough space to install two e-bike charging stations where up to two e-bikes can be charged at the same time!


These benefits make the use of e-bike charging stations an important step for municipalities to increase tourism and the local economy and improve the well-being of their citizens.

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Products for municipalities, public enterprises and energy suppliers

Universal charging stations

Product highlights:

  • Flexibly configurable e-bike charging box for direct charging of various 36 V battery systems
  • Robust wall-mounted housing made of plastic
  • Available with one or two charging points, plus additional integrated 230 V Schuko socket
  • Up to 95% of the batteries used in D-A-CH can be connected directly to the LiON Box Max, without a separate charger or extra cable
  • Fast charging with 4 amps
  • Technology-leading charging efficiency of 94 %
  • Comprehensive protection circuits for safe operation
  • Automatic pre-charge mode for discharged batteries
  • Automatic cut-off protects the battery when maximum charge is reached

Robust charging stands

The weatherproof and solid parking and charging systems from ONgineer allow simultaneous charging for 1 to 3 e-bikes.

Quickly placed at the desired location and firmly screwed (or set in concrete), they stand securely in place.

The boxes are customisable!

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Here you will find your perfect LiON - as a set or with additional cable!

The LiON can charge most e-bike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

Hier findest du deinen perfekten LiON - als Set oder mit Zusatzkabel!
Der LiON kann mit entsprechendem Kabelsatz die meisten E-Bike Akkusysteme laden: