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E-bike charging stations as an employee benefit
and safe charging option in the company

The last few years have shown that the company bicycle, especially the e-bike, is increasingly replacing the company car or is made available to employees as an additional benefit. Our e-bike charging stations at the workplace also enable the use of sustainable mobility in the long term.

Just as important as having a charging facility is charging the e-bike battery safely in a suitable place, i.e. not at the desk, in the workshop or in the coffee kitchen. Not only because this can avoid the risk of a fire in the company that is difficult to control, but also because this point will become enormously important in the future in view of recent statements by major insurers!

But don’t just offer any e-bike charging station,
offer your employees the best charging station!

Our LiON Box is universal. It is equipped with various charging plugs and thus covers around 95 % of the e-bike batteries used in Germany (A+CH).

IYour employees connect their e-bike directly to the LiON Box and do not need to bring their own charger or an additional cable – this offers maximum convenience and is easy to use!

Take a look at some of our reference projects and see how good the LiON Box looks in other designs too!


The LiON Box is that compact!

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Which benefits and opportunities does the provision of a LiON Box e-bike charging station to your company?

Cycling instead of driving offers a completely different environmental experience: you discover things in nature that would otherwise pass you by unseen, you are in the fresh air and you also keep moving – one of the basic conditions for good health. Companies are now realising that providing e-bike charging stations at the workplace is a sensible investment that offers numerous benefits.

Advantages of e-bike charging stations for companies

Employer attractiveness:

Promotes employee health and attracts talent! Companies that provide charging stations for pedelecs can position themselves as environmentally conscious and future-oriented employers. This presents the company as an attractive employer and improves employee retention and recruitment. Especially for companies in conurbations or in regions with limited public transport, the provision of e-bike charging stations can be an additional incentive for the use of environmentally friendly means of transport by employees.

Increasing employee satisfaction:

Companies that provide charging facilities for electric bikes show a stronger commitment to environmentally conscious and sustainable actions. This contributes to employee satisfaction. Employees who can cycle to work benefit from exercise and fresh air, which has a positive impact on health and well-being. Charging at the workplace can increase the range of e-bikes and enable longer commutes. Offer your employees a convenient and safe way to charge their e-bike with the LiON Box.

Promotion of sustainable mobility:

E-bike charging stations allow employees to conveniently charge their e-bikes at the workplace, encouraging the use of environmentally friendly transport. This helps reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality by reducing the number of trips made by motorised vehicles.

With an excellent efficiency of 94 % and a stand-by power of less than 1 watt, this is further underlined by the LiON Box.


Protection against fires and other safety benefits:

Avoid charging e-bike batteries in your building! The LiON Box charging station enables safe and convenient charging of the battery outdoors. The wallbox complies with safety standards and is equipped with extensive protective circuits that reduce the risk of fire and malfunction to a minimum. As it is not necessary for employees to carry cables and chargers, the acceptance of the charging station is very high.

Fostering employee health:

A charging box for electric bikes in the workplace can promote the health of employees by offering them a healthier, greener and cheaper alternative to driving to work.
E-bike riding is an active form of transport. It promotes physical activity and can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. By providing electric bike charging stations, the company is setting an example for the well-being and health of its employees.

Marketing benefits:

Green image: Show commitment to sustainability and environmental protection – as a contribution to a positive brand image.
Use the LiON Box charging station in your public relations work such as press releases, social media posts and other marketing materials to present your company as socially responsible and future-oriented.
We are happy to support your marketing by designing the LiON Box according to your wishes.

Contribution to traffic relief:

E-bike charging stations can also help relieve traffic congestion by encouraging the use of e-bikes as a means of transport to and from work. Fewer cars on the roads lead to less congestion and an improved traffic situation around the company

Use the advantages of e-bike charging stations in your company as well to achieve more employees, more safety and a sustainable image.

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Products for companies

Universal charging stations

Product highlights:

  • Flexibly configurable e-bike charging box for direct charging of various 36 V battery systems
  • Robust wall-mounted housing made of plastic
  • Available with one or two charging points, plus additional integrated 230 V Schuko socket
  • Up to 95% of the batteries used in D-A-CH can be connected directly to the LiON Box Max, without a separate charger or extra cable
  • Fast charging with 4 amps
  • Technology-leading charging efficiency of 94 %
  • Comprehensive protection circuits for safe operation
  • Automatic pre-charge mode for discharged batteries
  • Automatic cut-off protects the battery when maximum charge is reached

The fireproof charging safe

The LiON Cage is the only fireproof charging safe with a universally compatible charging port!

With the fireproof LiON Cage, unsafe and fire-hazardous charging processes with private chargers have finally come to an end, because now your employees can charge the e-bike battery in the fireproof LiON Cage. The 36 V charger is already integrated and with the matching cables, approx. 95 % of the market for e-bike batteries can be covered!

Robust charging stands

The weatherproof and solid parking and charging systems from ONgineer allow simultaneous charging for 1 to 3 e-bikes.

Quickly placed at the desired location and firmly screwed (or set in concrete), they stand securely in place.

The boxes are customisable!

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Here you will find your perfect LiON - as a set or with additional cable!

The LiON can charge most e-bike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

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