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More speed and efficiency for your development projects
It’s time. For new ways of product development in the lighting market. For more efficiency and faster time-to-market. For sustainable and effective development and system partnerships.

We make it easy
ONgineer is the first independent development company for light-related power electronics. We are a well-established team of electronic engineers with enthusiasm for professional lighting. We lead ideas to success. Agil, goal-oriented, with passion for the highest quality. Engineered in Germany.


We do it better

We offer you a mature and proven innovation and development process –
for an absolutely perfect product result!

State-of-the-art innovation process
  • most advanced development methodology
  • reliable development times and costs
Agile and flexible development paths
  • Design thinking, Scrum, etc.
  • together with and for our customers
Comprehensive expert knowledge
  • for hardware and software
  • for mechanics and optics
  • for circuit board layout and design


In a nutshell: Your Ideas

Your ideas – our solutions
We bring product solutions to the point.
Targeted, efficient, with state-of-the-art and proven methods.

Our ONgineer innovation process can more
The ONgineer Innovation Process (ONIP) leads your projects quickly and reliably to your goal.
Based on the requirements and mehtods from the automotive development, we realize cost-effective,
Robust and energy-efficient solutions.
With real added value for you:

2D / 3D
From Lab to Fab

Manufacturing | Engineering | Prototyping - We build for you

We equip your assemblies in industrial quality. Expect the highest, professional serial quality even with samples from one piece. Whether prototypes, small series or large series with more than one million copies – we fulfill fit your needs:

  • Procurement and professional selection of all components
  • Close interlinking of all departments up to the serial production facility
  • Ensuring quality and speed
  • Fully automated testing
  • Agile development-accompanying sample production


Partner network

Together we create more for you

Complex tasks require efficient and proven structures.
We offer a well-established network of partners, which reflects a strong expertise for you.
The result: more speed and more quality for your development projects.

From the TRILUX Group
  • ITZ for special tasks in the field of measurement and testing technology or EMC
  • ICT for development and manufacture of inductors
  • Component manufacturers such as BAG in Asia for high volume, as well as in Germany for small quantities – fast and flexible
Other partners
  • IThinx for topics like wireless connection
  • Bittailors for software design
  • SEITEC for Industry 4.0 developments
Become a partner

As a development partner, you support ONgineer as a service provider as part of our development process.

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We provide best quality. At any time.

Flexibility and speed

are natural for us

With our strategic network at home and abroad, we can react flexibly and quickly to your requirements at any time.
Timelineness, reliability, quality, REACH / ROHS: We take care of everything and relieve your workflows.
Our individual supplier management and qualification system lifts the performance to the required level in the market of global sourcing.

News & Press

Always up to date

The company

History and heritage

Perfect electronics for more than 25 years

We are unique!
Agile like a start-up, open to a wide variety of business models, but solid as a German medium-sized companies with over 25 years experience.

We are competent!
Lighting, Power, High Volume Industrial = lifetime, BOM cost, platform thinking, agile prototyping

Work with us now!
The lighting industry is getting more and more dynamic by the arrival of semiconductors, similar to other markets. And therefore not everyone can do everything, but requires experienced partners for defined areas or partial tasks in order to be among the best in terms of time-to-market. Right here we can and we want to help!

1980 - 1989
1990 - 1999
2000 - 2009
from 2010

Contact us!

Claus Martin Mündel
ONgineer GmbH
Phone number: +49 5772 9156 13-9309
E-Mail: c.muendel@ONgineer.de
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Patrick Weiskorn
ONgineer GmbH
Phone number: +49 5772 9156 13-9343
E-Mail: p.weiskorn@ONgineer.de
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Stefan Honerkamp
R&D Managment
ONgineer GmbH
Phone number: +49 5772 9156 13-9312
E-Mail: s.honerkamp@ONgineer.de
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Andre Müller
CAD Management
ONgineer GmbH
Phone number: +49 5772 9156 13-9324
E-Mail: a.mueller@ONgineer.de
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Andreas Korth
Management Components, Education and Safety
ONgineer GmbH
Phone number: +49 5772 9156 13-9317
E-Mail: a.korth@ONgineer.de
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Franziska Rosemuck
Logistic/ Project Procurement
ONgineer GmbH
Phone number: +49 5772 9156 13-9336
E-Mail: f.rosemuck@ONgineer.de
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Lidia Weiser
Assistant to Managing Director
ONgineer GmbH
Phone number: +49 5772 9156 13-9311
E-Mail: l.weiser@ONgineer.de
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