Safety brings project success

Our innovation process - tested, safe and fast

We drive and manage your project - from concept to series production.
With our partner network, we master technical challenges and solve problems expediently and cost-effectively.

Patrick Weiskorn

The projects we work on are diverse and varied. The technical expertise of our team in the field of Power Electronic Design is worldwide demanded and as of feedback from our customers Leading Edge.

Patrick Weiskorn, Projektmanager
ONgineer: Elektronifizierung

The ONgineer Innovation Process - In four phases to project success

We believe that the one and only valid development process or workflow does not exist. Every customer and every product is unique.
Therefore we adapt our development process flexible to your requirements - of course always based on a tried and tested basis.


Phase 0

The project start


Main criteria and tasks for this phase are the consideration and examination of financial and technological aspects as well as the required resources

Phase 1

The project definition


Confirmation of feasibility and 100% fulfillment of customer requirements. The design achieves concept status.


Specifications (functional and technical) as well as finalization of time schedules.

Phase 2

Product design & validation


Confirmation that the products are 100% compliant with customer and manufacturing requirements. The design is validated and the parts list is released. Functional models are available


The design is validated and fixed. The units are producible. All required tests are passed. 1st customer sam-ples are available

Phase 3

Product realization & production validating


DThe manufacturing process is 100% validated and the production facility is ready for production. After this phase, mass production begins and the products are released to the market. 0-series is available.

Phase 4

The project completion


Production has started and the product has been shipped to the customer.

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